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About us

Portunus was formed as a collaboration of scientific talent from Brazil, Colombia and the USA in an attempt to deal with the glut of limestone mining.

A group of biologists, we wanted to apply our expertise to the problem and so researched naturally occuring sources of calcium carbonate and how best to extract the mineral from them.

In the course of this research we found that crustacean shells were both plentiful and yielded a bounty of valuable materials besides calcium carbonate.

Over the course of seven months we honed our process and applied biology to develop a low cost and environmentally responsible product.

CHITOSAN - Why is it important?

Portunus uses our organic process to produce agricultural grade chitosan and low particle size calcium carbonate. Chitosan can be used in all of the following industries:


Projected Chitosan Market Growth


2014 - $


2015 - $


2016 - $


2017 - $


2018 - $

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